As this is my first blog post I thought I would explain why I became a women’s health and fitness coach. Of course, there is more than one reason but I am going to focus on one.

I decided that I wanted to age well. This realisation hit me about 10 years ago. My brother was seriously ill and my mother was deteriorating pretty rapidly with Alzheimer’s disease. I was experiencing a lot of stress – I was that midlife woman with teenage kids and parents who had suddenly started to rely on me big time for support (how quickly those tables were turned!). I had recently returned to the UK after living abroad for 10 years and I was finding the transition hard. My husband went off to his job and I was left feeling rather isolated and directionless. I was busy supporting other people and self-care was way down my list of priorities.

I didn’t change over night. It was small steps. But I did decide to start to take care of myself. That doesn’t mean I started going to have my nails done (one day I will treat myself) but I read and researched, I reviewed and changed my diet and I trained as a Nordic Walking Instructor and then as a Personal Trainer. My health improved. But I still struggled with viral infections and what I now know, are symptoms of the menopause. I wish I’d known then what I know now!

What I didn’t know back then was that although I was taking daily thyroxine medication for my under active thyroid, I could further support myself through diet and self care. I also didn’t understand why I continually suffered from viral infections but after finally consulting a nutritionist I found that supporting my gut health and taking certain supplements, I was able to support my immune system. I also didn’t know back then that itching legs, vaginal dryness, dreadful sleep, low libido and brain fog were all typical symptoms of the menopause. Not one GP ever mentioned menopause or HRT to me – I was put on anti-depressants to help with the sleep! When I did ask a GP more recently whether HRT might be appropriate, she asked whether I suffered from hot flushes. When I said no and that I never had, she said NO to HRT because it was dangerous.

Now I understand that HRT might well have helped me. Now I understand how important self care is and how a good sleep routine might have helped me sleep a bit better. I have learnt through my own experimentation to listen to my body and work out what is good for it. My digestive health has improved and I have reduced my thyroid medication. It has taken some time and my journey isn’t over yet.

Our health is a journey. There isn’t an end destination apart from death! But I want to live until I am 100 years old in good health. I want my health span to equal my life span. I want to age well and I want other people to as well. This is why I became a Health Coach. I want to share my knowledge and help other women regain their health and energy and feel able to look forward to the second half of their lives.

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