My story

Amanda Price

I have always had a strong interest in food, health and fitness despite working in banking for many years.

In my 20’s I burnt the candle at both ends and didn’t think about my health. Later, as a mum of three young children, I became aware of how sleep deprivation and stress impacted on my health but I didn’t do anything about it. By the time I was in my mid 40s I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was also starting to experience various menopausal symptoms.    In my work, I see the importance of stress management particularly for women going through peri menopause and post menopause, and how nutrition and lifestyle can affect both short and long term health.

The illness and subsequent death of my brother at the age of 53 and my mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease lead me to reassess my lifestyle. I am now healthier, fitter and stronger than I have ever been.

My mother’s diagnosis and my brother’s death profoundly affected the way I thought about health. My brother was slim and very active but his lifestyle hadn’t always been particularly healthy. Through my reading and research I concluded  that although food is medicine there is actually a lot more to our health than what we eat and how much we exercise.

I take a holistic view towards my own health and that of my clients. Food and exercise are important but so is stress management, sleep, how and when you eat and your mindset/emotional wellbeing. I help my clients work out how they can best manage and reduce the impact of the inevitable stresses of day to life.

I don’t believe  there is a single diet/way of eating that is suitable for everyone. We are all different. I encourage intuitive eating. Likewise exercise. Find joy in movement and you will find joy in life!

I offer practical advice and support for long term habit change so that you can live a longer, happier and healthier life.



Almost everyone benefits from having a helping hand on their healthy ageing journey. Working with a health coach will provide the support, encouragement and accountability that you need. Why not discover a healthier you right now?

“Amanda is a brilliant coach. She is knowledgeable, experienced and confident. She cares deeply about helping people achieve their goals and has committed her career to this purpose. I would highly recommend her.”

Elizabeth Jacob