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I am passionate about helping people in midlife and older feel healthier today and confident about their future health. Women, in particular, tend to spend a large part of their adult lives giving and supporting others. This can reach a peak in midlife and often coincides with peri menopause and menopause. I know of too many people who neglect their health until they have a health scare. Midlife stress, combined with a poor diet and a lack of movement means our health takes a hit – we put on weight; we experience anxiety, fatigue and quite possibly a wealth of other symptoms. How we look after ourselves at this time of life will impact our health in 10, 20, 30 years time.

My health coaching is here to support and empower you to take control of your health journey. By making small changes to your lifestyle consistently over time, you can feel so much better now and, at the same time, reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease such as  dementia, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

How to thrive, not just survive, in midlife and beyond!

    • Do you feel stressed and anxious about your health? Do you have a parent with dementia? Are you concerned about how your current health will impact your future health? Are you worried that you aren’t going to age healthily?
    • Have you recently been told by your doctor that you are pre-diabetic? Or maybe you have recently received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes is a risk factor for dementia.
    • Have you been struggling with your sleep? Poor sleep impacts our health in so many ways.
    • Are you struggling with menopause symptoms even though you take HRT?
    • Do you need/want to lose weight?  Excess belly fat is a risk factor all chronic diseases.
    • Has Covid 19 made you more aware of how important your health is but you just aren’t sure where to start in order to improve it?

    Much of the messaging in the press and social media about health is confusing. Diets go in and out of fashion; media figures promote a certain way of eating or exercising etc. How on earth do you work out what is right for you?

    Midlife can be a challenging time for all of us. Looking after our health at this stage of our lives is so important.  Most of the chronic disease we see in older adults is lifestyle related. But we can help ourselves and reduce our risk of developing a chronic disease.  And, it is never too late to make changes. The second half of our lives offers opportunity and freedom! Getting older shouldn’t be something we dread! Our retirement years should be a phase of our lives that we look forward to. Ageing should be something to celebrate!

    My role as a Health Coach is to help and guide you. I can help you find a way through the mixed messaging and find out what works best for you, not what works for your friend or a celebrity. I will support you through making lifestyle changes one small step at a time. The ripple affect of these changes can be really significant.

    As a Health Coach I help my clients change their behaviours and habits so that they can feel better today and improve their health oultook. I help them gain control of their health journey. This has an empowering effect and impacts across other areas of their lives. This, in turn, has the benefit of further reducing the risk of developing a chronic disease when they are older. I help my clients get back in tune with their bodies and to relearn how to listen to the messages their body is sending so that they can lead more empowered lives and feel able to take responsibility for their own well being. My coaching programs cover topics such as the importance of mindset; how, when and what to eat; gut health and the gut /brain connection; exercise; stress management; sleep; self-sabotage; mindset; self-care, regenerative therapies etc I tailor my coaching to the individual because after all, we are all different.

    I offer one-to-one coaching either in person or on line, small group coaching online via Zoom or similar, workshops and a coaching combo (Health and Fitness coaching).

    I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Call so that you can find out if I and what I offer, are right for you.


    Work with me.

    I offer one-to-one coaching, small group coaching, and workshops for associations and corporate.  My one-to-one coaching programs are designed just for you because you are unique – your requirements will not exactly match someone else’s. I can also provide a coaching combo – Health and Fitness coaching as a combined package. The programs below give you an idea of the likely content of a coaching program. The content and length are not fixed.

     One to one coaching: online or in person

    1. Nourishhow to thrive in midlife and beyond and feel happy, healthy and fulfilled. This program is  aimed at women in midlife experiencing menopausal symptoms such as stubborn weight gain, stress, anxiety and fatigue. I normally run this as an 8 week program with the option of adding on additional sessions. We will be looking closely at how lifestyle can impact on menopause symptoms; weight loss and stress management.

    2. A Power Hour Consultation – a one hour coaching session focused on a specific area of your health or lifestyle. We will identify where you are stuck, any limiting beliefs and come up with an action plan.

    3. Boost Your Brain Health & Reduce Your Dementia Risk is an 12 week program aimed at  men and women who wish to reduce their risk of developing  dementia, . Lifestyle habit change can have a significant impact on our brain health as we get older. Just because there is dementia in your family, it is not your destiny.

    4. A health and fitness coaching combo. A bespoke combination for example a personal training session once a week and a bi-weekly health coaching session. Just ask!

    Small group coaching: online 

    6- 10 partcipants over 4 or 6 sessions; I gear courses around specific topics such as Healthy Habits around eating.

    Workshops for associations and corporate

    Contact me for more information


    2023 coaching prices.

    8 week Nourish program – £599

    12 week Boost Your Brain Health – £899

    Power hour consultation £75

    Group coaching TBA

    Conatct me with regards to workshops.

    Key Features


    • a flexible coaching program geared towards you and your needs.
    • support in between coaching sessions if required.
    • email feedback after each session
    • one to one coaching on-line or in person where possible.
    • a coaching experience which will leave you feeling mentally and physically stronger; healthier; and empowered to take responsibilty for your well being.
    • Amanda is a dynamic but a kind and generous coach; she will encourage you constantly, hold you accountable to your goals and never stop believing in you.


    Scope of Practice

    I am a Health Coach who qualified with the Health Coach Institute. Click here to view the Health Coach Insitute Scope of Practice.

    I am a member of the UK Health Coach Association and here is their Scope of Practice.



    Frequently Asked Questions

     Why are the programs generally for 90 days?

    It is generally recognised that it takes on average 2 months or 66 days for a new habit to form. This will of course vary from person to person. Obviously, in a 90 day program not all new habits are introduced in the first session! 90 days may not be long enough for some people but that is fine as we can always add in some extra coaching sessions.

     Can a Health Coach diagnose or prescribe?

    No, a health coach cannot diagnose or prescribe.  If necessary, a health coach will refer a client to a specialist. A Health Coach is a master of habit change.

     Can a Health Coach work alongside my other health care providers?

    Yes a health coach can work alongside your G.P. or other health care provider.



    Amanda was a fantastic help to me during this overwhelming year. During the 12 sessions with her I received a lot of help and support which was geared to my personal needs and struggles. I have reduced my coffee consumption; I have learnt to cook new vegetables; I do exercises in my kitchen while I am waiting for the water to boil; I walk everywhere; I drink plenty of water and I have started to say NO and not feel guilty about it. I have learnt the importance of self-care and I know that true equilibrium comes via an inner journey and small but consistent habit changes.I can really recommend Amanda! She will help you rediscover your true self and build new healthy habits through her personal guidance and care. Your health really matters!

    Ioana Lluansi