Five ways you can support your brain health this winter.

I know it's not officially winter quite yet but where I live in the UK it has certainly been feeling like winter. When it is cold and wet, it can be really easy to slip into bad habits - maybe you give your morning walk a miss because it is wet or you enjoy a few more...

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Can mould in your house impact your brain health?

Mould is a toxin I have just moved house and 4 days after I had the furniture moved in I had Pure Maintenance in to "de-mould" my house (and furniture). Why? Because mould is a toxin and can be harmful to health, especially brain health. There was no visible mould in...

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Are you sabotaging your own health and wellbeing?

HOW IS YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION TO DO MORE EXERCISE GOING? If you have pretty much given up, then you are not alone. It's the 1st March today and your new year enthusiasm for a new fit and healthy you, has given way to the old you. Don’t blame yourself, well, not...

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New Year, New Habits?

Happy New Year lovely readers. I hope you are well and have arrived in 2023 with gratitude and positivity for what the year holds in store for you. It's January so I thought I'd write a blog about habit change. Habit change is hard! I wrote a good blog on New Years's...

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Five benefits of walking more.

About a year ago, I contributed a chapter to a book called the The Healing Power of Nature - Your Environment and Foods. My chapter was called How Walking Out In Nature Can Lift Your Mood. The research I did for my chapter lead me to the realisation that there is much...

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My Top Ten Sleep Tips

I consider myself to be something of a sleep expert, not because I’m a Health Coach but because I have struggled with sleep all my adult life. I have experienced first-hand how it impacts health and over the years I’ve tried pretty much every new trick to improve my...

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Seven ways we can manage our blood sugar levels

We know that managing our blood sugar levels is important for our health. Chronically high blood sugar is associated with chronic lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia and heart disease. So what can we do to help manage our blood sugar levels...

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“Amanda’s coaching has been a great help to me. During our sessions, Amanda heled me to get clarity around the priorities in my life and my motivation for taking healthier lifestyle actions. She is a very active listener and asks thought provoking questions. She guided me towards action and held me accountable for my commitments to myself. I highly recommend Amanda as a coach.”

Irene Azoulay