Nordic Walking

I am a Nordic Walking instructor. I qualified as an instructor with Nordic Walking UK back in 2012 and followed that up a few years later by doing the INWA recognised course with British Nordic Walking.Nordic Walking takes place outdoors; it is sociable and it can be as hard or easy as you choose. Nordic Walking originated in Finland as a summer exercise for cross country skiers. It is ideal for people who no longer want to run, people recovering from injury, and those people who want to get more out of their daily walk. It is a sport for everyone! It is suitable for anyone at any age!



The benefits of Nordic Walking!

1. It is enjoyable. Anyone can do Nordic Walking and be good at it. You do need to learn technique but after that you can walk alone or with a group.

2. It can help with weight loss. Nordic Walking is energy thirsty because it engages many more muscles than ordinary walking. Your chest, arms, shoulders, abs and other core muscles are all involved as well as your legs.Plus the poles propel you forwards helping you to walk faster.

3. It tones your muscles and helps keep your bones strong. Nordic Walking works over 90% of your muscles. Public Health England has recommended Nordic Walking as a muscle and bone strengthening and balance activity.

4 . It protects your hip and knee joints. The combination of using poles which means the load is shared between your upper and lower body, and improved posture eases the stress on the lower body.

5. Nordic Walking gets your heart rate up more than normal walking.

6. It boosts your circulation. As with all exercise it improves circulation because it increases the rate at which blood is pumped around the body.

7. It improves your lymph drainage. The lymphatic system helps to protect us from disease and infection and it is a vital part of our immune system. We have clusters of lymph nodes all over our body including under our armpits. Nordic Walking via good posture, correct breathing and the arm swing helps these in particular. For this reason Nordic Walking is often recommended to breast cancer patients who have had surgery in this area.

8. Our mental wellbeing benefits from outdoor exercise. Exercise also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Why I started Nordic Walking

 I started Nordic Walking when I moved back to the UK after living in Austria for 5 years. I had seen people Nordic Walking there but didn’t pluck up courage to join a group! So when an opportunity to join a local group arose I grabbed it, I did the beginners course and started walking regularly.

About a year later, I had a foot operation which meant 8 weeks in a boot and no exercise. Once I could squeeze my foot into a trainer again I started Nordic Walking. It was the perfect rehabilitation exercise. 

I was so impressed with how Nordic Walking had helped me recover from surgery that I decided to train to become an instructor.  I have trained all sorts of people over the years some who have gone on to train as instructors themselves. 


Key Features

  • Outdoor, mood boosting exercise for everyone.
  • It can be as challenging as you want.
  • It can be done alone or in a group.
  • You can Nordic Walk with your dog!
  • Horses are scared of the poles so always stop and let riders pass you!


At the moment I am only offering 1:1 Nordic Walking instruction. I charge £30 an hour or £150 for a 6 week course. 

If you would like to Nordic Walk in a group let me know.

All lessons include loan of a set of poles. We will agree a mutually convenient place to meet and walk. In the past I have walked in and around Tunbridge Wells.

The training you kindly provided me with has without a doubt made a huge impact on my lifestyle so much so that I am now training with NWUK to become a qualified fitness instructor with E’s support. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you because not only am I much fitter and healthier because of you, I’m also over 6 stone lighter in weight. Again my sincere thanks.